On short notice I decided to have a holiday brunch for my friends. In the top picture, I chose a basic Curry Tofu Scramble recipe from Vegan Bite By Bite book (page 145) and added spinach to this version of the recipe.  The second picture is a package of Tempeh Bacon Strips by Lightlife, which are just crisply browned and heated in the skillet.  With this brunch I served organic hemp bagels from French Meadow Bakery with pimento cream cheese, below (page 182 - Vegan Bite By Bite book)
My husband taught me a recipe for non-dairy hot chocolate that we also served with some jams and almond butter for those with a sweet tooth.

Afterwards, we reminisced about our visit to India and some exciting stories were shared about travels all over the world and some of the experiences we've all had.  It was a fun day!!
For those of you that may not have the book, I am including the link